Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fundraiser at Funstation

We are having a fall fundraiser at Funstation in Danbury, Ct on Nov 10th from 6-8 pm. Rollerskating fun for all! Tickets are$10 each, sold either in advance or at the door. Catfood, litter, treats gratefully accepted. We are hoping for a great turn out, please join usfor a fun evening, and no school the next day,as it is Veterans Day!

Five Kittens Find Homes-Temporary & Permanent

Yesterday I happily drove an hour to drop off three kittens to the Pant Organization in Rhinebeck, NY. Huge thanks for their gracious and swift assistance in our time of need. A wonderful foster home was provided for them, and I even had the pleasure of meeting the foster mom who was there to meet me. What a treat!
A couple days earlier on Saturday, I delivered one of these 4 week old kittens to a permanent home in Brewster, NY.
This evening, one of the 7 week old tabby boys will be heading for a foster home in Dover, NY. I had hoped to send them together, but one is in need of a lot more socializing than the other, and will need special attention.
Thank you to all who have come to our rescue!
Great news, we have a fundraiser scheduled for Nov 10th, 2009 at FunStation in Danbury, CT. It is a family rollerskating party, tickets are $10 each. Cat food and supplies gratefully accepted.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

6 kittens, 2 mama cats rscued last week in Poughkeepsie, NY

Wewere informed of a situation on the streets of Poughkeepsie where cats were living and reproducing. The lady feeding them reported 9 kittens (3 different litters) and approximately the same number of adult cats. The first day, Tuesday, wewere able to trap 2 mother cats. We had hoped to capture the kittens. With the help of Guardian Angels Cat Rescue, and funding from a fellow cat lover, we were able to get the mother cats spayed at theDCSPCA the following day. On Wednesday we trapped 2 -6 week old tabby boys. They were taken to the vet by one of our volunteers and checked out to be in good health. Advantage was applied, and they were given worming meds. We are praying for a foster home for them, as they are skittish.
Thursday we were back out there trapping, and caught three 4 week old kittens. They are very thin, but spunky, loaded w/fleas. Same volunteer came to the rescue and helped w/ soap and water flea baths. We were able to adopt one of them out right away to a family in Brewster, and we have gratefully accepted help from the PANT organization for a foster home for rest of them. Back out trapping again Friday afternoon. One little 4 wek old calico w/ infected eyes caught. She is now looking really good, all clean and eyes treated w/ triple antibiotic ointment. She is the most talkative of all the kittens, and started to purr when her eyes were cleaned the minute she arrived- a beautiful torti, black and orange.
We will be out trapping the last three kittens tonight. No sign of them last night. We pray they are ok........

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mango, Sweet As His Name

Mango is a gorgeous, long haired male looking for a loving home of his own. He gets along well with other cats, and has excellent manners. He is shy and tries to hide when visitors come, which is why he is still here. He would appreciate a quiet home.Please give him the chance he deserves for the wonderful life he so deserves. He is neutered and recently had dental work done.
Mango needs an angel... Please sponsor him at a dollar a day for his care here.

New Cats Arrive, Kittens Born

Hi Everyone! We are just getting the new blog off the ground so please be patient as we get all of kitty photos uploaded and the blog totally functional. We have many, many cats and kittens for adoption..photos coming.. but please contact me if you are interested in adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering. You can also sponser a cat.. details to come! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and help spread the word about our mission to help the cats. These pages are still under construction but you can still follow us!

On 10/1/09 we had abandoned sibling adult cats arrive from the city of Poughkeepsie. They were spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies and given Advantage Multi at A Cat's Place. They are recuperrating today. Both are brown tabbies, the male is short haired, and the female is long haired. We are hopeful for a forever home for them, as they are friendly and, about a year young.

This morning when I went out to feed breakfast to the cats, our recently rescued pregnant cat, Amelia had given birth to three beautiful babies. One is solid gray like mama, the other two are brown tabbies. Too soon to tell the sexes. Mama Amelia is a great mom so far. She has them all clean and cozy. Thank you to those of you who donated towels and blankets recently, the new family is enjoying them very much. Pictures coming....please call me if you are interested in adopting or sponsoring these or any of our other feline residents at 845-224-9694.

I will be offering a cat tip of the day, and today it is the product Missing Link. I am adding it to Amelia's food, as well as Vitamin C. It provides omega three's and bridges the nutritional gap of pet foods. We have experienced its helping with eliminating hairballs and helping to increase the shine of the fur.

Ways you can help (please help!) :

*donate through paypal, any amount would be so appreciated

*Goodsearch, choose Purrfect Companions as your charity of choice


*do a fundraising event for us at school, work or church

*volunteer to trap, feed feral cats, transport cats to vet appointments

*administrative help

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Katie, One Of Many In Need Of Homes

A 4-5 yrs old long hair female who was found in a snowbank freezing, starving and with a terrible head cold. She used to shrink down to the ground when you went to pet her, like she was going to be hit. It has taken a lot of love to get her to overcome her abuse issues. She needs someone who understands that she has lots of love to give, but may need some patience in developing trust. She prefers women and a quiet home environment. Katie has watched dozens of cats leave the shelter this summer. She's still waiting for her forever home! Katie needs an angel. If you can't adopt you can still help! For $25 a month you can be an angel to a cat in need!